I am afraid of math,
I am afraid of physics,
I am afraid of astronomy,
Because I am afraid of math and physics.

I am afraid of the dark,
Not the darkness but what might linger,
I am afraid of love,
Because it asks for no permission to leave,
I am afraid of emotion,
Because it breaks,
And then it enters.

I am afraid of commitment,
Commitments to people,
To emotions that are ever so fleeting,
I am afraid of loneliness,
I want to feel safe,
how do I feel safe?

How am I empty,
But yet so full,
Why does happiness come only with people,
Why can I not achieve it on my own,
Why does it not last as long,
on my own?

I want peace,
I want freedom,
I want happiness,
I want light,
I want,
I want.

I am afraid,
I am unmotivated,
Why do people leave,
I am afraid of being left,
I have hope,
Wavering hope,
But hope nonetheless.

Afraid, afraid,
I am afraid,
I will say it till it loses meaning,
Till I am no longer,


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