From secret interiors,
To lost thinking,
What I feared,
I never knew.

With time and age,
Came denial,
Came relentless angst,
Came drive to end,
End fear.

Fear in return,
Returned again,
Never leaving,
Always lingering,

When interior evolves,
Question why fear,
When you now identify,
Why run,
When now it is you,
That lingers,
In fear.

Turn off the lights,
Be still,
Lay still,
In the darkness,
That used to scare.

What is dark,
Is never dark,
But misguided,
But lost.

Identify with the dark,
Be in the dark,
Find the peace
The serenity,
With the unknown,
For it only bothers,
If you let it.

Clueless I was,
Till I lingered,
Till I stayed,
Till I knew,
Till I became.


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