To live inside the present,
We imagine the future,
The mysteries it may hold,
The realities it will shock,
The emotion,
Oh the emotion,
The happiness that awaits.

The future,
Is the past,
Is the present,
Is the nonexistent,
We are forever inside,
Inside of now.

There will be no future,
There will be now,
A series of current,
Never ending present,
Forever inside of existing.

Why things do not,
Do not feel the same,
As imagined,
Coming emotion envisioned,
Then felt,
Do not look forward to feel,
Imagine and you will.

Is what excites,
Not ever the event,
But an idea of the event,
More powerful is the brain,
Than is the event,
Than is tactile reality.

I prefer now,
I prefer anticipation,
I prefer the mystery,
The pain,
The thought process,
The imagined labyrinth,
For what happens,
Never satisfies,
That of which,
Should have happened.


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