If it is painful to be,
Must you be,
If it is painful to see,
Must you see,
If it is painful to hear,
Must you hear,
If it is painful to touch,
To be touched,
Must you experience tactility,
If it is painful,
Must you.

Isn’t is weird,
That existing is only as long,
As life is?
Isn’t it weird,
That this is what some believe,
What I believe,
Isn’t it weird,
That it comforts,
That it soothes,
Isn’t is weird,
That is all I know,
All I want to know,
What comes after what,
What we know,
We don’t know.

Isn’t is weird,
That we disintegrate,
Into the air,
Into the dirt,
Into the atmosphere,
Into other living creatures,
Isn’t is weird,
Isn’t it cyclic,
Isn’t it beautiful.

Today you breathe,
Tomorrow you stop,
This moment you inhale,
The next you might not,
Fragile to know,
To know that the control to stop,
Stop breathing,
Is within you,
You may end the inhales,
If that is what you please,
You may remain here,
Please remain here,
All pain deserves to be felt,
Happiness begs,
Begs for your attention,
It begs for your time.

Isn’t it weird,
Weird that love comes,
That love leaves,
That love stays,
Isn’t it weird,
That its presence,
Presence is sensed,
Let love in,
Let love stay,
Let fear in,
Let it stay,
Let it leave.

Let yourself heal,
Let myself heal,
Let it heal,
If it itches,
Then it heals.

Isn’t it weird,
Isn’t it weird that,
That it’s not weird.


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