To feel so much,
To sense in bones,
Sense in nerves,
Feel the gush,
Gush of emotion,
Laced in your bloodstream,

Then it ends,
It stops,
Pain seizes,
Emotions halter,
Remaining at bay,
You breathe,
Inhale clean air,
Don’t look,
Don’t look back.

I’ve let numb in,
Numb is comfort,
Numb is security,
No more will I hurt,
Hurt from unowned possessions.

Rare it is to meet,
To be introduced,
To a lack of woe,
Stay here,
I will stay here,
No more will I grieve,
Grieve a loss,
That was never mine,
Never owned,
But dreamt of.

So silly,
When cold,
When freezing,
When brittle,
I’ll pass,
I’ll pass you,
Pass you on by,
Good bye.


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