You feel it so much,
You feel it till you don’t,
Appreciate your breath,
The rhythmic sound,
A single heartbeat makes,
Absorb interaction,
Flattering or not,
Emotional or not,
Sensual or not,
Too many lives,
To experience just one.

Taste human exchange,
Taste with your mind,
Inhale another’s soul,
Let them pass you by,
What is barely known,
Is beautiful,
Is rare,
Is new,
Till it is old.

Take youth,
Keep it,
What is a body,
All but a home,
Breaking down,
Through time,
Through Space,
Since birth,
Appreciate your bones,
The good blood,
Consistent palpitations in,
In emotion,
Tell you your alive.

Stop wishing,
Stop dreaming,
Maybe start letting,
Let life happen,
Let it progress,
Let go of control,
You have none,
None in the grand scheme,
Why would you want it,
Beauty lies in the mystery,
I will dream,
I will dream when I sleep,
I will live,
Live when I am awake.


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