What are you,
What were you,
Nothing I knew,
All I wanted,
I made you,
In the core,
Of this brain.

We all do,
We invent,
We create,
We mold,
We trick,
We fail,
To see reality,
Experience another’s reality,

Who are you,
Who were you,
But me,
But what I wanted,
Wanted you to be,

Put aside myself,
Take flattery,
Turn it into kindness,
See into their words,
For who they are,
Not for what is said.

See a sea of thought,
A range of emotion,
That may leave soon,
However will taste sweet,
For the while,
Everything in moderation,
Leaves way for differentiation,
It is your best bet,
Your only bet,
Or so it may seem.

Do I want your company,
Or mine,
Yours makes mine,
More livable,
Better breathable,
I’ve missed me,
You’ve brought me back,
Back to myself,
Myself in your absence,
Stay absent,
Not for long,
Only until I return.

I want exquisite,
I want memories,
To stay where they are,
Sweet not bitter,
Afraid to let,
Adulthood ruin,
Ruin my memories.

Curios however,
Of what is,
Of who I am,
Of who you are,
Who you might be,
I’ll let you dance,
Dance in the shadows,
Back and forth,
Not for too long,
Before I leave,
An instinctual human,
Resides in me,
She fears uncertainty.

She might let our beauty hide,
She’ll let memories,
Stay inside memories,
Let innocence,
Stay innocent,
Leave the unknown,
The unexplored,
A secret,
One we’ll never know,
So dance in your shadows,
But not for long,
If you are to return back,
Don’t return at all.


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