Much unlike day dreams,
Can harm,
Can haunt,
Can taunt,
Can stop short,
Awareness exists,
It lives it thrives,
It breathes in the day.

Untouched possibilities,
Lived through extensively,
Every edge,
Every nook,
Every corner,
That’ll never,
Not possibly,
See the light of day.

They’ll stay floating,
Loafing around,
To live once more,
To let breathe,
Is for me to not,
Is to suffocate,
Is to lose,
Stay with,
Stay parallel with truth.

What happens when,
Daydreams mix,
Mingle with sleep,
Wanting so deeply,
Much too soon,
It drives away,
The secret to staying,
Is to not,
Is to contradict
Words with action,
Is to lie,
To remain unknown,
Remain a puzzle,
Us humans we like,
To piece together,
To unravel.

An open wound,
Loses the beauty,
The simplicity
Of an unstained canvas,
For it has,
Acres and fields,
To let imagination roam,
Let daydreams steer.

Where’s the trick,
Where’s the answer,
Be the river,
Flow away,
Glide past rocks,
Never an ocean,
Resist an urge to come back,
Never back up to shore.


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