We look for spark, for inspiration, we look for magic. We let it slip right by us, but it’s everywhere. It isn’t in the story books and you won’t find it on tv when you’re looking to live vicariously. You’ll find it in people, you’re friends, your parents, strangers. The people you once knew that have now become strangers, and all the strangers that won’t be so one day. Most importantly, you’ll find it in yourself. It is inside, it is all around. It is what surrounds, it is the very air you breathe that lets your heart keep beating. That’s magic. Magic is existing, its getting a shot at life.

Magic is feeling and experiencing every emotion you could ever taste. Magic is letting yourself go, whether it is to yourself or to someone or thing. Let yourself, allow yourself to leave the confines you’ve put up. Push your limits, because as long as what you do brings no harm to yourself or others – there are no limitations. Every boundary that goes unmoved is stagnation in growth.

This life brings with itself gushing rivers of tumultuous emotion, the bad is so used to outweighing the good. Let hurt and pain remain where they are, let them stay in your past. If you’ve made it past that bad day and are now in the present, then what broke your heart yesterday is none of your damn business.

So see the magic, hear it in the birds outside, feel it when the wind hits your face and glides it’s fingers through your hair. Let earth, let oxygen, let the sun and the moon and the miracle of being a human make you happy.


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