A shade of even brown
caressing your neck,
I scanned the following
for bigger and better,
Settling in,
A calming breath drawn
yet an inadequate sense
I let linger.

You were new,
Untried unknown,
Timing so delicate
a situation so fleeting
such treasures may never go unknown,
Promises one makes herself
when all she yearns is touch,
Not tactile rather a reckoning.

Hunched over you tried to conceal
a physical barrier a mountain,
Efforts gone amiss pretty stranger,
Rushed strokes of a hand
retracing steps to your hours spent,
What we’ve done we forget
when we leave physical boundaries.

Craving more a word exchanged
is the physical world as vast,
Not as vast as a body
as bodies,
For bodies hold a cosmos.

Humor swapped between two,
Smiles dallying on our faces,
Milking moments so sweet
for every last trinket
of a bliss that only strange
synchronized souls may reproduce,
A feeling I taste for sugar to feel like.

Word by word to you I habituate
so comfortable now
suddenly familiar,
I learnt of dreams of passions
as you became proficient of mine,
A stranger is a prime keeper of secrets,
For if truths reveal
such will yet never come to light.

May we never meet again,
For your pleasure to me
stems from a rapturous ignorance
of mine of you
and of you of mine.


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