To a body or to none
to a soul not rid yet
of the beating heart of one
to such a life I wish
I wish to belong.

Your remnants I’ve let linger
such intricacy I’ve seized
you’re in my breath on sunny days
and in my sighs when skies aren’t gay.

I’ll find you in a paint brush
on charcoal left untouched
and messy fingers or broken pencils
and ink blots.

Strokes on a page now
acrylic running dry
water is for fools
who want to stay alive.

Here watercolored emotion
I’ve left alone to wither
You’ve given art life
in the absence of you
come hither.

Are hours on you wasted
pieces of me you’ve stolen
materialistic not of my heart
remember me in colors.

All that’s left are crumbs
cookie crumbs
scattered stars
stolen constellations
of planets not aligned at all
such I will not taste for
I’ve indulged for too long.


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