Clocks Stop

There’s many a thing that I find delicate,
shoe laces paired with puppies and wine glasses when I’m tired
but when it comes to you, it’s timing.
Or so I thought,
till other factors factored in, but I still make excuses
and I probably will for longer than we’d both prefer.

Miles and miles and miles and miles and miles
and bad timing.
Mostly you however
is why the clocks stopped
is why bad things loom
you are why
you are only why
no one else will feel like home.


― Paul Ekman, Emotions Revealed

facialExpression“Emotions can override…the more powerful fundamental motives that drive our lives: hunger, sex, and the will to survive. People will not eat if they think the only food available is disgusting. They may even die, although other people might consider that same food palatable. Emotion triumphs over the hunger drive! A person may never attempt sexual contact because of the interference of fear or disgust, or may never be able to complete a sexual act. Emotion triumphs over the sex drive! And despair can overwhelm even the will to live, motivating a suicide. Emotions triumph over the will to live!”